Episode 28: Voices

Episode 28: Voices

Trav and Jake cover the games that are on their radar, and cover the games that have made into and out of the backlog. This week's discussion is about the voices that populate and breathe life into the games that we love including our favorite VO artists, characters that they embody, and more!

Episode 28

On our Radar

  • Trav -

    • Late Oct / Early Nov

      • Dishonored 2 (11/11)

      • Watch Dogs 2 (11/15)

  • Jake

    • Late Oct/ Early Nov

      • Watch_Dogs 2

      • Titanfall 2

  • Big release reaction

    • ….


Jake adds a bevy of new titles to his already mountainous pile of shame including Gears 4, Mafia 3, Battlefield 1, and Deus Ex Mankind Divided.  Trav beat a whole slew of classic games including Kirby and the Crystal Shards, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, and some NES games.  Jake prepared for his upcoming Gears 4 campaign by knocking Gears 3 off his backlog.  The talk was all about sequels for the TAWWWPICC AHHHFF DISSSGUGGSH

Added to BL:

  • Trav -Jizztical Ninja Starring Goenads (N64)

  • Jake -    Tittyfall 2, Skyrimjobs SE


  • Trav - Bomberman (NES), Batman (NES), Mega Man (NES), Astyanax (NES)

  • Jake - none again (finally played a game last night)


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The Long Play

Games that we are spending time with in our backlog.

  • Trav-

  • Jake - Titanfall 2, Mafia 3


  • Trav - NCAA 14

  • Jake- Gears (wHorde, Vs)



Voice Acting (can mention how it ties into our appreciation theme for month of november)

  • Voice actor strike

    • SAG-AFTRA (screen actors guild-american federation of tv and radio artists)

    • Union has chosen not to work with certain prominent game companies such as EA, Insomniac, Activision, Disney

    • 19 months of unsuccessful negotiations - labor contract expired in 2014

      • Strike is effort to provide more secondary compensation

      • Transparency of hiring practices

      • On-set safety concerns

    • General impressions of strike

    • Before there were voice actors - memories

  • With voice actors in the news - who are some of the most prominent and well known VA’s in gaming as well as some of our favorites?

    • Most prominent and well known:

      • Troy Baker

        • 100’s of credits

        • Notably Booker Dewitt of Bioshock Infinite, Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands, Joel in Last of us, a number of Batman Arkham characters, Pagan Min in Far Cry 4 - on and on and on…

      • Nolan North

        • Very widely known as well

        • Notably Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Desmond Miles (Ass Creed), Penguin (Batman Arkham), also credits in Portal 2, Call of Duty games, Team Fortress 2, Destiny, etc.

    • Favorites:

      • Trav:

        • Ashly Burch (Tiny Tina, Chloe), Jon St. John (Duke Nukem), Ellen McClain (Glados), John Patrick Lowrie (Valve), Wes Johnson (Bethesda), Mike Rosson (Fallouts)

      • Jake:

        • John Dimaggio (Marcus Fenix) Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett TTTWD)

  • On the Flip side, who are the most iconic voiced characters in gaming and our favorites?

    • Most Iconic Characters/Narrators (Jake)

      • David Hayter, Solid Snake

      • Ray Liota, Tommy Vercetti (GTA III)

      • Patrick Stewart, Emperor Uriel Septim

      • Charles Marinet, Mario/Luigi

    • Favorites

      • Trav:

        • NBA Jam Announcer “Boom shockalocka!” “NAAAIL in the coffin!” (Tim Kitzrow)

        • Nathan Drake - Nolan North

        • Star Fox 64 “What’s the big idea, FOX?”

        • Wheatley (Portal 2) - Stephen Merchant

        • John Marston (RDR) - Rob Wiethoff

        • Narrators: Thomas Was Alone and Bastion

      • Jake:

        • Master Chief, Steve Downes

        • Cortana, Jen Taylor

        • Linda Hunt, Narrator of God of War

        • Camilla Luddington, Lara Croft (reboot)

        • Courtnee Draper, Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite

        • Michael Ironside, Sam Fisher



Close it out

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