Episode 22: Choose Your Own Adventure

Episode 22: Choose Your Own Adventure

Episode 22


Reference Collect Call 5 with Randy

On our Radar

  • Trav -

    • Early July

      • Ghostbusters (2016) D-Fireforge, P-Activision

        • Takes place after 2016 movie....

        • July 12

      • Carmageddon Max Damage

        • Poor man’s twisted metal

        • July 8

  • Jake

    • Early July

      • INSIDE

      • The Banner Saga 2

  • Big release reaction



Trav added Life is Strange to his pile of shame and beat Batman Arkham Knight.  Jake didn’t add anything to his backlog or beat shit and Trav looks for a new show host.  Jake actually does get up the fortitude to play more Battleborn and Overwatch.  Reactions to all the big E3 press conferences were the tawpic of discguggsshshhsh.

Added to BL:

  • Trav - DOOM

  • Jake - INSIDE    


  • Trav - NES (Shatterhand, Toki), Wolfenstein New Order, Life is Strange, Thomas Was Alone, Rocket League Season

  • Jake - Oxenfree, Firewatch, INSIDE, Bastion

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The Long Play

Games that we are spending time with in our backlog.

  • Trav- (Dragon Quest and Golden Sun on backburner) Sherlock Holmes C&P, DOOOOM

  • Jake - Gone Home, Soon to be Doom    


  • Trav - Majora’s Mask, pvz

  • Jake- Battlefield 4, Battleborn

Discush Kickstarter

  • Trav

    • It’s not that bad, jake is a pussy

    • In general, most kickstarters work, are abundantly funded, and deliver on time - just not games

    • Underwriting is a big problem - and it is no longer an Indie crowdfunding site

    • Kickstarter does assign a rep to each project while fundraising is going

      • Once money is raised, is up to creator

    • Board games have raised 6x’s more money than gaming kickstarters

      • Because they are more apt to deliver

    • Gambitious


  • Jake - Jake turns into ANGRY JOE

    • 24 total projects

    • 1 Console (design product) Ouya - Launched but ultimately failed (market issue, not a KS issue)

    • 2 Movies 4 books, all launched.

    • 2 Design products still in progress, with a sept delivery date, no indicators that they will go off track Pebble and a Design notebook

    • Chasm: est delivery date of May 2014, several betas, no final product

    • A.N.N.E: est delivery date of March 2014, no final product

    • Among the Sleep: Delivered

    • Stonehearth: est delivery date Sep 2014, in EA on steam

    • Kingdom Come, Deliverance: est delivery date Dec 2015, beta

    • DUELYST: est delivery date Dec 2014, no final, multiple alphas, beta no final product yet (good KS tho)

    • Planets(3): est delivery OCt 2015: regular updates, no final product (game was renamed and altered a good bit)

    • The Hero Trap: est delivery Sept 2014, cancelled in June 2016, nothing delivered

    • Witchmarsh: est delivery Dec 2015, no final product, sporadic updates

    • Superhot: Delivered

    • A Song for Viggo: est delivery June 2015, no delivery, random updates

    • Strength of the Sword: est delivery Sept 2015, rec'd Alpha Key July 2016

    • Battlechasers Nightwar, and Arcadian Atlas est delivery dates are future


Close it out

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