Episode 23: Pokemon Go and the Value of Short Games

Episode 23: Pokemon Go and the Value of Short Games

What is the ideal length of a game? What are your thoughts on Pokemon Go? These are the main two topics on this episode of the podcast. Of course Jake and Travis go through more of the games that made their way in and out of the backlog, and discuss future releases that may end up on deck soon! 


Episode 23


Reference Collect Call 6 with Beni

On our Radar

  • Trav -

    • Late July

      • dick

  • Jake

    • Late July

      • I Am Setsuna

        • Essentially a 16-bit RPG for PS4/PC wears Chrono Trigger and FF on it’s sleeve. From Square Enix.

  • Big release reaction

    • Pokemon Go


Trav adds NEW DOOM to the Backlog and knocks a handful of games off his slate including Wolfenstein New Order and Life is Strange.  Jake knocks out Oxenfree, Firewatch, and the brand new INSIDE.  Cow Tech reups their sponsorship of the podcast and Kickstarter’s failure to deliver quality on time is the tawpic ahhfff DISGUSSGGH

Added to BL:

  • Trav - Daxter

  • Jake -    DOOM 2016, Divinity: OG Sin


  • Trav - Altered Beast

  • Jake - Nottathing

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The Long Play

Games that we are spending time with in our backlog.

  • Trav- Sherlock Holmes C&P, DOOOOM

  • Jake -    Doom


  • Trav - PVZ, Secret of Evermore, (dabbled with Beyond Oasis- battery save)

  • Jake- Red Dead Redemption,




Discush Are Games too long?

  • Trav

    • Does length mean value?

      • Fallout 4 versus Doom

    • Does length (long or short) detract from backlog?

      • Specifically choose games based on length

    • Is too big too much?

      • GTAV

        • Good for multiplayer - but single player feels empty despite detail

        • What is there to do or find?

      • OG LOZ

        • Expansive map for the time - something new or secret on each screen

      • Arkham Knight

        • Big but manueverability of character allowed to cover more ground at once

    • Is too small or short less value?

      • Shouldn’t be - games with side and filler quests should not cost more

    • Would you rather be left wanting more or become overwhelmed with sidequests and a sporadic story?

  • Jake     

    • Short games are better for me

      • Few hours to play in a week

      • Seeing progress is easier

    • Depends on the person

      • If I had 10-15 hours/week to play my opinion may be different

    • What is the ideal duration of a game?

      • For me 4-5 hours is great

      • If it is longer, need victory milestones (a la episodic games)

    • Value?

      • Is value derived simply from the number of hours the game takes to beat? Or the amount of things to do within the game?

      • Or is it the memorableness of the experience/story/characters?


Close it out

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