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Episode 26: The Best Episode Ever!


Episode 26: The Best Episode Ever!

Jake & Trav

Welcome to Episode 26! The one where Travis and Jake discuss hype and hyperbole that creates unrealistic expectations for a game upon release! As usual, they cover games that have gone into and out of the backlog, new releases on their radar and more! 

Episode 26


Reference Collect Call 9 with Marcus

On our Radar

  • Trav -

    • Late September

      • XCOM 2 (XB1, PS4) 9/27

  • Jake

    • Late September

      • Destiny Rise of Iron 9/20

      • Forza Horizon 3 9/27

  • Big release reaction



Jake shares his impressions of the much talked about No Man’s Sky as Trav completes a bevy of games including classic Contra and modern Doom.  Jake completes the relaxing adventure of Abzu while he continues to work through his backlog despite his impenetrable schedule.  The fellas celebrate their one year of podcasting together by rehashing their favorite polykill moments and combing over their backlawgs for the TAWPIC OF DISGUSSSH

Added to BL:

  • Trav - Kirby and the Crystal Shards (N64)

  • Jake -    Nothin        


  • Trav - TMNT Hyperstone Heist (Gen), Ape Escape (PS1), Double Dare (NES)

  • Jake - Gone Home

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The Long Play

Games that we are spending time with in our backlog.

  • Trav- Fallout 4

  • Jake -    No Man’s Sky, Doom


  • Trav - Kirby and the Crystal Shards

  • Jake- Telltale Batman





  • Hype

    • Classic examples of overhyped games

      • Trav

        • Watch Dogs

        • Assassin’s Creed III

        • Sim City 2013

        • Spore

      • Jake

    • Hype that was met

      • Trav

        • Skyrim, Fallout 4

        • GTA V, Red Dead Redemption

        • Walking Dead Season 2

      • Jake

    • How is hype manufactured?

      • Media

      • Ads

      • Developer spiel

      • Preceding reputation

    • How do we respond to hype?

    • Is hype always a bad thing or always a good thing?

    • Current Games getting Hyped for Future Release

      • The Last Guardian

      • Zelda Breath of the Wild

      • Gears of War 4

      • Walking Dead Season 3

      • Cuphead

      • Watch_Dogs2


Close it out

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