Episode 52:  The War is Cancelled, Go Home

Episode 52: The War is Cancelled, Go Home

Episode 52 is here, and Jake and Trav bring you up to speed on their backlogs, completed games, and pickups. Jake discusses the EA's closing of Visceral, and the new Switch software update. The discussion takes a turn into classic gaming cinema, as the guys discuss the 90's classic Street Fighter. 

Episode 52



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Recent pickups & On the Radar

2017 Game Release Schedule

  • Trav

    • Pickups

      • Master System

    • Radar (Oct 24-Nov 6)




Road Rage


PC, XB1, PS4

  • Jake

    • Pickups

      • LoZ Breath of the Wild

    • Radar (Oct 24-Nov 6)




Super Mario Odyssey

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus



Assassin’s Creed Origins


Previously on Pawlykeeeeel

Jake ponders Andy House leaving Sony and brags on the wealth of Indies heading to the Switch.  Trav gets a nice copy of ChronoTrigger from a stranger’s van, describes how stupid yet skillful he is at Final Fantasy, and Goes Home.  Jake is still stewing on Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Stardew Valley and manages to get a little more Destiny 2 in.  The many simulation genres and the simulation games each host has played and enjoyed serve as the TAWPIG OAAHGG DISSDUTTCHC.



Hot Jakes

News topics that Jake has an opinion on

Jake OLLIE’S the following

EA Closes Visceral (WHERE’S AMY?)

Switch 4.0 software release (4 point oh baby!)



Completed Games or Retired:

  • Trav:   Super Castlevania IV, Secret of Nanner

  • Jake:  none. Cause I’m lame




Added to Backlog:

  • Trav:  nothing

  • Jake: LoZ Girth of the Wild


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The Long Play:

Games that we are spending the most time with in our backlog.

  • Trav:  The Last of Puss



Games you don’t tell your long play about.

  • Trav: Oxenfree

  • Jake: Fartstew Valley



  • Are you a street fighter fan?

    • How important are the characters to you?

    • Which is your favorite?

  • Comparison to other video game movies

    • How does it stack to Mortal Kombat? Mortal Kombat Annihilation? Mario Bros?

  • Directed by Steven de Souza

    • Running Man, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Hudson Hawk, Judge Dredd, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Light

  • Cast

    • Guile - Jean Claude Van Damme

    • Raul Julia - M. Bison

    • Ming-Na Wen - Chun-Li

    • Damian Chapa - Ken

    • Kylie Monogue - Cammy

    • Byron Mann - Ryu

    • Roshan Seth - Dhalsim

    • Andrew Brynawski - Zangief

    • Grand L. Bush - Balrog

    • Robert Mammone - Carlos Blanka

    • Manuel Nunez - DeeJay

    • Gregg Rainwater - T. hawk

    • Jay Tavare - Vega

    • Peter Tuiasosopo - E. Honda

    • Wes Studi - Sagat

  • Plot

    • In the Southeast Asian nation of Shadaloo City, civil war has erupted between the forces of General M. Bison and the Allied Nations led by Colonel William F. Guile. Bison has captured several A.N. relief workers and is fighting soldiers for fun in his fortress.

      • One runs at him and he just snaps his neck, “pathetic”. Then another one, “You’re turn now”

    • Via a live two-way radio broadcast, Bison demands Guile secure a US$20 billion ransom in three days. Guile gets all sassy, calls Bison a “dickhead”

    • ChunLi is a reporter and is interviewing Guile about Bison. “I know you like to look at yourself on television you sick son ofa bitch so look at this” HEUUEAAH *UPPER CUT*

    • Guile refuses and vows to track Bison down, but his assistant, Sergeant Cammy, is only partially able to pinpoint Bison's location to the river-delta region outside the city. One hostage is Guile's friend Carlos "Charlie" Blanka, who Bison orders taken to his lab for his captive doctor, Dhalsim, to turn into the first of his supersoldiers. Though Charlie is disfigured by the procedure, Dhalsim secretly alters his cerebral programming to maintain Charlie's humanity.

    • Cut to an underground cage fighting arena - playing hiphop and fighting.  Closest thing to a Street Fight you’ll see for a while.  American con artists Ryu Hoshi and Ken Masters attempt to swindle arms dealer Viktor Sagat by providing him with weaponry for $100,000 but their weapons were fake tennis ball launchers. A fight breaks out and Ken and Ryu are kicking ass before the real guns are brought out by Sagat and they’re forced to surrender.  

    • Cuts to M. Bison observing Dhalsim’s work on Blanka.

      • “Excellent. He’ll do very nicely.  You will have a perfect soldier”

        • You mean a perfect killer

      • “Let’s not quibble over definitions” then starts to wonder why the awful images being piped into Blanka are affecting him, Dhalism says “because he’s not like you, he’s not psychotic”

    • For punishment, Sagat has Ryu fight his cage champion, Vega.

      • Observing Vega, Sagat tells Ken vega is the best cage fighter since Iron Fist.  Ken asks “what happened to him?”

      • Sagat replies… “He retired.  And became me”

    • But Guile bursts in with a tank and arrests everyone present for violating a curfew.

    • At A.N. base, Cammy is talking about how they are to track M. Bison’s base when a crazed man runs in with a knife and is disarmed by Guile.

    • In the prison grounds, Guile witnesses Ryu and Ken fighting Sagat's men, and recruits them to help him find Bison in exchange for their freedom, since Sagat is Bison's arms supplier.

      • Guile says they can infiltrate Sagat’s gang and get to Bison that way since Sagat is Bison’s arms dealer - Cammy points out Sagat did not get atop the underground Asian empire by making friends. After getting an idea watching ken and ryu fighting in the prison yard he says:

        • “If Sagat won’t trust new friends, perhaps he’ll trust new enemies”, talking about making Ken and Ryu the infiltrators

    • They are given a homing device and win Sagat's trust by staging a prison escape and faking Guile's death by shooting him in the stomach where he has a bullet proof plate.

    • Bison says he is upset with Guile’s death - he wants to fight them on his own.  Then is upset that he is called a Warlord and then says:

      • “All i want to do is to create the perfect genetic soldier, NOT for power, NOT for evil, but for good!  Carlos Blanka will be the first of many, they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica!  And then peace will reign in the world… and all humanity… shall bow to me… in humble gratitude…”

    • However, reporter Chun-Li and her crew, former sumo wrestler E. Honda and boxer Balrog, follow their tracker into the morgue where they find Guile...not very dead.  

    • Over Guile's objections, Chun-Li and her crew attempt to assassinate Bison and Sagat at a party where Sagat and Bison fail to reach an agreement for a partnership. Chun-Li announces to them via a comm-feed that she has a truck of explosives coming at them. To maintain Bison's trust, Ryu and Ken stop the assassination and reveal the conspirators to Bison.

      • Watching the truck roll toward them on the feed, Zangief yells “Quick, change the channel!”

    • Returning to his base, Bison inducts Ryu and Ken into his organization for their efforts and orders Honda and Balrog imprisoned and Chun-Li taken to his quarters once they are caught breaking in. Ryu and Ken break Balrog and Honda out of confinement where Honda is enjoying being spanked on their way to confront Bison.

      • Hand job joke… Balrog says “Hey brother, give me a hand” pointing to his chains… E.Honda says “we’ve only been in jail two hours, maybe next month”

    • Guile plans his assault on Bison's base. He is impeded by the Deputy Secretary of the A.N., who informs Guile that the decision has been made to pay Bison the ransom, but Guile proceeds with the mission alone.

      • “Troopers, I have just received new orders… my superiors say.. The war is cancelled! We can all go home.”

    • At the base, Dhalsim is found by a security guard, and a fight ensues. Charlie is released and he kills the guard to protect Dhalsim. Guile arrives and sneaks into the lab, where Blanka attacks him. Charlie stops when he recognizes Guile. Guile prepares to shoot Charlie to end his suffering, but Dhalsim stops him. Bison prepares to kill the hostages by unleashing Blanka on them, but Guile emerges and a gunfight ensues until the remaining A.N. forces arrive. After ordering his allies to rescue the hostages, Guile engages Bison in a duel. As Guile and Bison fight, Ryu and Ken defeat Sagat and Vega. Bison's computer expert Dee Jay steals Bison's money and escapes, joined by Sagat. Bison's bodyguard, Zangief, engages Honda in a fight until learning from Dee Jay that Bison was the true enemy because he hadn’t been getting paid and others had “Wait… you were getting paid?”, and sides with Ryu and Ken.

    • Guile gains the upper hand against Bison and kicks him into a bank of hard drives, electrocuting him. A revival system restores Bison and he reveals that his suit is powered by electromagnetism, enabling him to fly and fire electricity. Bison takes control of the fight and moves to deal the death blow, but Guile counters, kicking Bison into his monitor wall and overloading the base's energy field. The hostages are rescued, but Guile stays behind to convince Dhalsim and Charlie to return with him. They refuse, with Dhalsim wishing to atone for his part in mutating Charlie. Guile escapes as the base explodes and reunites with his comrades. Sagat and Dee Jay realize Bison's money is useless "Bison dollars" that Bison had intended to use after conquering the world.


Close it out

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