Episode 51:  Snap Into a Sim, Jim

Episode 51: Snap Into a Sim, Jim

Do you like managing virtual worlds, or driving a truck across Europe? How about growing crops, or keeping dangerous inmates behind bars? Episode 51 discusses all the genre of simulation games, with Jake and Trav praising their favorites and what makes sim games just so darn fun. More games are knocked off and onto the backlog as Jake keeps buying games for the Switch.

Episode 51


  • Greetings

    • Who we are, the games we play

    • Random factoid

  • If you’re new to the show

  • Last week

    • Collect Call 2.4 with Rick

    • Off-Killter 10: Encounters with Nature!

  • Next few weeks

    • Send in your creepy/scary/spooky Off-Killters

Recent pickups & On the Radar

2017 Game Release Schedule

  • Trav

    • Pickups

      • Chrono Trigger (SNES)

      • Tengen Tetris (NES)

    • Radar (Oct 10-Oct 23)




South Park: The Fractured But Whole


PS4, XB1, PC

  • Jake

    • Pickups

      • Stardew Valley Switch

      • Minecraft Switch

    • Radar (Oct 10-Oct 23)




Fire Emblem Warriors



The Evil WIthin 2 and Shadow of War this week


Previously on Pawlykeeeeel

Jake finished the Destiny 2 campaign and retired his entire 3DS catalog in favor of a brand spanking new Nintendo Swiiiiitch.  Trav beat a few retro titles, notably Mega Man 4 and Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance as well as the all new and shiny Ratchet and Clank.  The show was broadcast live on Twitch and a handful of the show’s best friends stopped by to hang out.  Submitted questions from listeners served as the TAWWWPPICC OFFFF DISGGUGSHSHS


Hot Jakes

News topics that Jake has an opinion on

Jake OLLIE’S the following

Andrew House’s surprise departure (WHERE’D HE GO?)

Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta happened (IMPRESH)

Nindies blow up on Switch: Axiom Verge, Stardew Valley, Golf Story, Oxenfree, Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime (INDIES)


Completed Games or Retired:

  • Trav:   Mario Penis (N64), Final Fantasy 2 (SNES), Gone Home (XB1)

  • Jake:  BreastTitty2 With Briz


Added to Backlog:

  • Trav: Oxenfree (XB1)

  • Jake: not a goddamn thing


CowTech Ad:

This episode is sponsored by Cowden Technologies, LLC.  Cow-Tech focuses on product development in robotics, web apps, mobile apps, home automation, or some combination of the above.  To learn more or to start a conversation about your future product or idea, send an email to info@cowden.tech.  Also, everyone at Cow-Tech is better at video games than Travis.

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The Long Play:

Games that we are spending the most time with in our backlog.

  • Trav:  Secret of Mana (SNES)

  • Jake: Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle


Games you don’t tell your long play about.

  • Trav: Orcs Must Die 2 (PC), Journey to Silius (NES), Gremlins 2 (NES), King’s Quest (XB1)

  • Jake: Fartstew Valley, Destiny 2, MK8==============================D


Discush (sims)

Brief history:

  • Will Wright and SimCity (1989) get credit for being first  - but progenitor of genre as we know it was Fortune Builder (1984) coleco vision

Super category for games that simulate real world activities:

  • Business sims

    • Railroad Tycoon

    • Rollercoaster Tycoon

    • Zoo Tycoon

    • Farm Simulator

  • City builders

    • Sim City, 2000, 3000, 4

    • Cities XXL, Cities Skylines

    • Sim City Societies

  • Government sims

    • Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    • Bandit Kings of Ancient China

    • Destiny of an Emperor

  • Life sims

    • People

      • The Sims

    • Digi pets

      • Petz

      • Tamagotchi

      • Goat Simulator?

    • God Sims

      • Sim Earth

      • Spore

      • Black and White

      • ActRaiser

      • Populous

    • Dating sims

      • Hatoful Boyfriend

  • Sports

    • Racing sims

      • Project Cars

      • Gran Turismo

    • Sports management

      • Football Manager

      • NFL Head Coach

  • Vehicles

    • Flight

    • Space

    • Train


Close it out

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