Episode 54: The Golden Age of Beat'em Ups

Episode 54: The Golden Age of Beat'em Ups

Episode 54



  • Greetings

    • Who we are, the games we play

    • Random factoid

  • If you’re new to the show

  • Talk about Premeditated videos released

  • Next few weeks

    • Send in your Pet Peeves, what really grinds your gears!!

Recent pickups & On the Radar

Game Release Schedule

  • Trav

    • Pickups

      • Mystery lady

    • Radar (Nov 21 - Dec 4)





Dec 1

PSVR, Vive

  • Jake

    • Pickups

      • LotR, Shadow of War

      • Skyrim Switch

      • Splatoon 2

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Resident Evil Revelations Collection




Previously on Pawlykeeeeel

Jake is excited about the new XBOX One X and the 26th Overwatch Hero!  Trav beats Super Bomberman and gushes about Last of Us.  Jake is sticking with Super Mario Odyssey and not much else.  The last bit of the show is all about sports as the hosts walk down memory lane with stories about the time they spent with sports games. How sports games could potentially draw them back in serves as the TAWPIC OF DISCUSH!


Hot Jakes

News topics that Jake has an opinion on

Jake OLLIE’S the following


  • Animated Super Mario movie in works (..YIP-EE..??)




Completed Games or Retired:

  • Trav:  Last of US (ps4), Orcs Must Die 2 (pc), Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland (nes), [football time] Madden 92 (gen) NFL QB Club (gen)

  • Jake:  Super Mario Odyssey


Scott @Vgcollectaholic beat Assassin’s Creed Origins, a game about a time traveler who first discovers road head on a sandy trail just outside Albuquerque


Kyle @Kyle_325_ beat Halo 5, a game where an augmented super soldier makes the best cakes and earns the name Master Chef.


JD @playNlisten, who gargled fresh cat urine to fight a nagging sinus infection, finished Homefront the Revolution


Duke@Duke0619 beat Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, a game about an italian plumber who valiantly escapes the confines of a modern dooms day cult.


Jeffrey@Selfdestructow beat Mass Effect 2, a game about a horny space soldier who dreams of teaching a robot to love.


Sean@Cartridgebros, who loves the way assless chaps accentuate his figure and draws attention at the library, finished Prisoner of War or P.O.W. on the nes


Andrew@Fitgnat finished Star Wars Battlefront II, a game that generated more news before it came out than Kevin Spacey did.


Diego@alatinolawyer finished Super Mario Odyssey, a game about an italian professional ultimate frisbee player who goes on an acid trip with his hat


Kathryn@K_song beat Valiant Hearts and said she bawled so hard at the end that her ice cream tasted like tears.


Brain@HokieBriz, who got a real good deal on car insurance after a 15 minute visit to a local glory hole, finished Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines


Ryan@itsrocketsauce whose friends call him 5 dollar footlong, finished Virtua FIghter 5


Myles@Flockofnerds finished Wolfenstein II, a game about a disgruntled customer service employee who rips off his headset, storms outside, and murders 600 nazi’s.


Bill@STCPod, known for his half-assed foreplay, finished Wolfenstein New Order




Creep@Creep1337, finished South Park Fractured But WHole and Hidden Agenda, a game about aggressive microstransactions and high grind gates with mandatory cool down periods.


Kyle@DOPLIC finished Metroid Zero MIssion and PuyoPop, a game that involves the Pope, Friction, and Vigilante Justice.


Cliff@CliffHIkes, who recently thought golden showers were an easy way to get rich, finished Star Fox Zero and Rise of the Tomb Raider.


Caleb@CalebJRoss fiished Super Mario Odyssey and Caladrius Blaze, a game where you must waterboard the milk man to get answers about how the milk man industry is still a thing.


Josh @FranticSociety and Musty@MustyHobbit, two men I think about just before coitus , finished Wolfenstein II and SUper Mario Odyssey


Dean@Round_2_Gaming, maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s lockjaw..either way, he finished Dragon Quest IV, Resident Evil 7, EVO, Super Mario Odyssey, and SUper Casltevania IV


Added to Backlog:

  • Trav:  nothing

  • Jake: Assassin's Creed Origins, Shadow of War


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The Long Play:

Games that we are spending the most time with in our backlog.

  • Trav:  Wolfenstein Old Blood (xb1)

  • Jake: Assassin's Creed Origins


Games you don’t tell your long play about.

  • Trav: Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice (ps4), 999 (ds), Vagrant Story (ps)

  • Jake: Splatoon 2

Discush (The Golden Age of Beatem Ups 1987-1991)

  • A beat’em up (aka Brawler) is a video game genre featuring hand-to-hand combat between the protagonist and an improbably large number of opponents.

  • In terms of classic genres, where do beat’em ups/brawlers land for you?

  • Traditional Beat’em ups

    • 2D

    • Side Scrolling

      • Notable Old Beat’em Ups (HAVE YOU PLAYED??)

        • 1984 - Kung Fu Master (aka Kung Fu on NES)

          • Originally released in Japan as Spartan X, a tie in based on Jackie Chan film “Meals on Wheels”

        • 1986 - Renegade (nes) introduced urban environs

          • Japanese title Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun roughly translates to “Hot-Blooded Tough Guy Kunio”


        • 1987 - Double Dragon (rise in popularity)

          • Billy and Jimmy are playable characters in NES’s Super Spike V’Ball

        • 1988 - Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja

          • Aka Bad Dudes is shown in two films.. Parenthood and RoboCop 2

        • 1988 - Altered Beast (strong for having fantasy elements)

          • The Rhinocerous-man form makes a cameo in the film Wreck-it Ralph

        • 1988 - Splatterhouse

          • TG16 box had blurb on it due to violent nature that read “the horrifying theme of this game may be inappropriate for young children...and cowards”

        • 1988 - Ninja Gaiden

          • Hard as fuck.

        • 1989 - Final Fight

          • Originally a sequel to 1987’s Street Fighter

        • 1989 - TMNT the Arcade Game (pioneered 4 player simul)

          • NES version has two stages and bosses not in the arcade.  Stages 3 and 6 featuring Tora and Shogun

        • 1989 - Golden Axe

          • Golden Axe’s lead designer also designed Altered Beast

        • 1989 - River City Ransom (featured RPG elements)

          • Underwent intense localization - original characters wore japanese school uniforms and were named Riki and Kunio.

        • 1991 - Battletoads

          • Won five categories in 1991’s Nintendo Power Awards

            • Graphics/Sound, Theme/Fun, Play Control, Mulitplayer, Overall Best Game

        • 1991 - Streets of Rage

          • The experimental chiptunes widely regarded as being way ahead of their time and among greatest video game soundtrack ever.

        • 1991 - The Simpsons Arcade

          • Based only on the content of the show’s first season

        • 1991 - TMNT Turtles in Time

          • SNES version added 5 new bosses (Slash, Rat King, Battletank shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady)

        • 1991 - Street Fighter 2- took concept and adjusted formula

          • There was a movie made about it starring JVCD in 1994

(thanks a lot street fighter 2, fucking punks)

  • Any other fighting games not listed here that you played as a lad

    • Trav - ….not really

    • Jake -

  • Trav adds a Golden Age Beat’em Up to his log



Close it out

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