Episode 53: Chico and the Man

Episode 53: Chico and the Man

The fifty-third episode of the podcast is all about the classic sitcom Chico and the Man! Just kidding, the topic is sports games, and Jake and Trav try to explain why they no longer play them, and what it would take to play them again. Updates to the backlog are here as usual, and Jake finally nails down his long play. 



Episode 53



  • Greetings

    • Who we are, the games we play

    • Random factoid

  • If you’re new to the show

  • Last week

    • Off-Killter 11 - Spooky Stories

  • Next few weeks

    • Send in your Pet Peeves, what really grinds your gears

Recent pickups & On the Radar

2017 Game Release Schedule

  • Trav

    • Pickups

      • Amnesia Collection (PS4)

      • Super Bomberman (SNES)

        • Went to Philly - visited some game stores

          • Classic Game Junkies: Glenside, PA

          • Cartridges Galore: Hagerstown, MD

      • Far Cry 5 (XB1) preorder

    • Radar (Nov 7 - Nov 20)




Need for Speed Payback


PC, XB1, PS4

LA Noire Remastered


PS4, XB1, Switch

Sonic Forces


PC, XB1, PS4, Switch

  • Jake

    • Pickups

      • Super Mario Odyssey

      • Assassin’s Creed Origins

    • Radar (Nov 7 - Nov 20)




Battlefront II


PC, XB1, PS4


Previously on Pawlykeeeeel

Jake and Trav scold EA’s choice to close Visceral and ponder the future of Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game.  Jake doesn’t beat any games while Trav knocks out some serious SNES classics in Super Castlevania IV and Secret of Mana.  The justbeatit’s get rather spooky, Jake doesn’t know what to add to his longplay, and Trav commits to The Last of Us.  The 1994 Street FIghter movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme serves as the TAWWWPPIC OF DISSCUUSSSH.



Hot Jakes

News topics that Jake has an opinion on

Jake OLLIE’S the following

  • Xbox One X Launch!  (LET THE X GAMES BEGIN!)

  • Moira, new Overwatch Hero (NUMBER 26!)




Completed Games or Retired:

  • Trav:  Super Bomberman, [one in the discush]

  • Jake:  naw


Diego @alatinolawyer, known for representing criminals who were caught trying to conceal a boner in a public place, finished Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle.


Frankie @vypyrstryke beat Slayaway Camp on Steam, a game where you attend a weight loss camp as a middle schooler and try to pick up chicks by luring them in with stolen fudge.


Bender@Bender_Guitar, Caleb @CalebJRoss, and Myles@Flock of Nerds, all beat South Park the Fractured but Whole, a wholesome game about a snowy town’s elementary schoolers and their love for Jesus Christ.


James@Retropixil beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hyperstone Heist on the Sega Genesis, a game about 4 mutant Turtles who try to retrieve the corpse of Ronald Reagan from a troop of horney Nickelback fans.


Ryan@itsrocketsauce, author of the latest book about how deep thigh workouts can prevent testicular torsion, beat the original Castlevania and Onimusha


Dean@Round_2_Gaming, who refers to Pabst Blue Ribbon as “dat good good”, finished two fresh whoppers - Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda Breath of the WIld.


Church@The_GameGrinder, who says his lowest moment in life was when his grandma walked in on him watching Nick at Nite wearing nothing but a turtle neck sweater and holding a Bop-it, finished Bubsy the Woolies Strike Back and South Park the Fractured but Whole


Kyle@DOPLIC, finished Castlevania Circle of the Moon, Mickey Mousecapade, and Viscera Cleanup Detail, a janitorial sim where you must work your way up from elementary school cafeteria to hugh hefner’s master bedroom.


Sean@Cartridgebros finished Super Castlevania IV, Gone Home, and the Turing Test, a game where it is up to the player to determine the difference between really enhanced AI and Keanu Reeves.


JD@PlayNListen, finished Inside…. Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid: Samus Returns, and Gunman Clive.  JD also wanted everyone to know that, due to confusion, he’s renaming the get together at his place this weekend from Sausage Party to “Please, nothing but naked hot dudes extravaganza”.  So, leave your bratwurst at home, folks.


Cliff@CliffHikes, who once ate an entire can of fancy feast to make a point about his stance on waterboarding , finished The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and earned platinum trophies for the entire Ezio Collection (AC2, AC Brohood, AC Revelations)


Kyle@Kyle_325_, whose favorite passtimes are writing Hamburglar fanfiction, scratching his butt hole without moving his arms, and playing lots of Halo, beat Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 in a span of 8 days.

Added to Backlog:

  • Trav:  [save it for the discush]

  • Jake: Super Mario Oedipus


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The Long Play:

Games that we are spending the most time with in our backlog.

  • Trav:  The Last of Us (ps4)

  • Jake: Slurpy Mario Fantasy


Games you don’t tell your long play about.

  • Trav: Va-jay-jay Story (ps1), 999 (nds)

  • Jake: M+R KB, MK8D


  • What are some of your earliest sports game memories?

    • Trav

      • Electronic Football

        • Kid from school

      • John Elway’s Football

        • With dad

      • Tecmo Super Bowl

        • With dad

      • Blades of Steel

        • Buns of steel

      • NBA Jam

    • Jake

      • Madden 2000

      • NBA Courtside (GC)

      • NBA JAM SNES

      • The NHL and the NHLPA present Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hokey ‘98

  • What are some sports games you spent the most time with?

    • Trav

      • NFL Quarterback Club

        • Dad

      • Sports Talk Baseball

        • Complete season

      • Evander Holyfield Championship Boxing

        • Brother

      • MLB Pennant Race

        • Came w/ playstation

      • MVP Baseball 2005

        • Played almost 2 full seasons

      • NCAA Football 2014

        • Last entry, started subreddit

    • Jake

      • FIFA 14

        • With James

  • Why don’t we play as many sports games today?

    • Trav

      • No college game

      • Tired of the yearly iterations - Madden feels bloated

      • No baseball on xbox

      • “Unbeatable” and take loads of time

      • Interest in pro sports as waned

    • Jake

      • Too Much commitment for little catharsis

      • Better with a friend, I have no friends


  • What would a sports game need to include to entice you these days?

    • Trav

      • Story modes are great addition

    • Jake

      • Maybe beat some of my other games.

  • Trav’s backlog challenge

    • New yearly tradish?

    • Get them sombitches off the shelf

    • Going to add 10 football games to the backlog to beat before year’s end

      • Rules:  

        • Play playoff mode and win.  

        • If no playoff mode, play through season and earn championship.  

        • Default settings.  

        • Random team.

      • Already beat:

        • Bill Walsh College Football (genesis)

      • 9 more to go before Dec 31, open to suggestions of retro football games worth playing


Close it out

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