Episode 38: Musings on Multiplayer

Episode 38: Musings on Multiplayer

The backlog updates are here again and games have both entered and exited Jake and Trav's backlogs including Persona 5 and The Witcher: Wild Hunt! This episode's discussion sees the hosts speak to what makes or breaks their multiplayer experiences! 

Episode 38

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Recent pickups & Radar

2017 Game Release Schedule

  • Trav-

    • Pickups

      • Bunch of NES games for collection (up to 517)

    • Radar

      • April 10-April 24

        • TellTale: Guardians of the Galaxy - April 18 (on all things)

          • Will wait for all eps but eager to hear feedback

  • Jake-

    • Pickups

      • Persona 5

      • ***Peddle Unboxing Video***

    • Radar

      • April 10-April 24

        • meh

  • React

    • Palmer Lucky leaves Oculus

    • Destiny 2 announced

    • Scorpio Announcement


Gaming Resolutions for 2017

  • Trav

    • Completed

      • Beat Ocarina of Time or A Link to the Past

    • Still to go (color coded last two weeks)

      • Beat a space shmup (Darius Twin, Gradius, R-Type, etc.) - NOPE

      • Continue to attempt games on secondary platforms

      • Play more CLASSIC RPGS - FF2

  • Jake

    • Beat a large scale RPG (Skyrim, Fallout 4, Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Divinity Original Sin, Persona 4, Persona 5)

    • Beat more Retro Games

    • Track Progress Better

    • Purchase no new games for 6 months (excluding 2 preordered games, and subscription services)


Trav continues to chip away on Rise of the Tomb Raider and Bayonetta 2 while Jake puts way more time into Overwatch than his beloved Horizon Zero Dawn. Fresh off the Ides of March the fellas assassinate games out of their backlog but not in the old fashioned way.   Neither guy actually completed a game before the episode but instead voted games out of their backlog tournament style.  Tensions were high and games were ousted in the TAWPIC OF DISCCUSSGGH.

Added to BL:

  • Trav - The Bitcher 3

  • Jake - Perboner 5


  • Trav - Rise of the Tomb Raider (xb1), Bayonetta 2 (wiiU), Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (nes)

  • Jake -nada (thanks Overwatch)


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The Long Play

Games that we are spending time with in our backlog.

  • Trav- The Witcher Wild Hunt

  • Jake - Persona 5


  • Trav - Final Fantasy 2/4, Fatal Frame

  • Jake- Overwatch




  • Multiplayer Games

    • Trav

      • Multiplayer Games invested into

        • Rocket League

          • Solo and w/ Friends

          • Quick - 5 to 6 minutes

          • No need for speaking or strategizing, visually obvious

        • Call of Duty World at War 2

          • First online hardcore experience

          • Got gud

          • Knew maps really well, made it fun.  Did not carry over to new CODs

        • On-line Dynasty - NCAA 14

          • Super fun, play each other in seasons, stats, like a real season

          • Scheduling play times cumbersome

          • Advancing and off-seasons were tedious

        • Plants vs Zombies, Gears, Halo

          • Team death matches or Horde modes

      • Things I stay away from

        • Purely multiplayer games - except Rocket League

          • No campaign

          • Needs online community to thrive

          • Sometimes online communities can be tough to break into

          • Late to the party

          • One day it will be gone?

        • First person shooter combat

          • Simply burn out on it (halo, gears, cod). Dudes with guns, over it for now.

          • Enjoyed lighthearted take of PVZ

        • Necessary to collaborate with team

          • Don’t like people

          • DOTAs, League of Legends, maybe Overwatch some?

          • I like to do my own thing - not be relegated to a support role

      • Things I like

        • Quick

          • Rocket league matches

        • No grinding for credit

          • I get everything I need at the outset (Doom)

        • No schedules

        • Have more fun couch-co-op, people in my house playing games with me

        • Not overly competitive - i’m not good at anything that’s not a platformer from the 80’s

    • Jake

      • Multiplayer games enjoyed most

        • Rocket League

        • Overwatch

        • Titanfall 2

        • PVZ 1&2

        • FIFA

        • Gears of War

      • Things about them I stay away from

        • mics

      • Things I look for in a multiplayer experience

        • Depth

        • Not too toxic of a community (i.e.League of Legends)

        • Also not a MOBA


Close it out

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