Episode 40: We're Ready Player One

Episode 40: We're Ready Player One

Episode 40

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Introduce P1 - Let P1 introduce himself

Peddle Cartridge Club


**Trav wrote a blog last week - Bucket Lists and Backlogs: Take Time and Dabble in the Greatness***

**Trav made a video highlighting the 5 more valuable games in his collection***

**We released a rap video**

Recent pickups & Radar

2017 Game Release Schedule

  • Trav-

    • Pickups

      • Dragon Warrior III CIB (NES)

    • Radar (May 8-May 22)

      • nope

  • Jake-

    • Pickups

      • None

    • Radar (May 8-May 22)

      • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS) - May 19

  • P1

    • Pickups

    • Radar (May 8-May 22)



News topics that Jake has an opinion on

  • Darksiders 3

  • Call of Duty WWII Announcement and Reveal Trailer (out Nov 3)

  • New Nintendo 2DS XL

  • PS5 Rumors



We get some Hot Jakes on the NES and SNES Classics as well as the announcement of Battlefront II.  Neither killer added a game to their backlog but Trav was able to beat a handful of classic titles like Whomp Em, Captain Skyhawk, and Turtles in Time.  Jake spends most of his time playing Overwatch and Trav finally breaks through with The Witcher.  Backstage passes are handed out as the hosts discuss potential avenues the show and Polykill brand can take and solicit your feedback for the TAWPWPWWPIG OFFF DDDiiiiiiiSHSCUCCH.

Added to Backlog:

  • Trav -  Handful of NES games (will discuss in sidequarsts)

  • Jake -

  • P1 - Phantasy Star II, Pirates of Dickwater (SNES)

Completed Games or Retired:

  • Trav - Shadow of the Colossus (retired for now)

  • Jake -

  • P1 - Phantasy Star


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The Long Play

Games that we are spending the most time with in our backlog.

  • Trav- The Witcher Wild Hunt

  • Jake - Persona 5/Overwatch

  • P1 - Phantasy Star 2


Games you don’t tell your long play about.

  • Trav - Final Fantasy 2 (SNES), Life Force (NES), Castlevania (NES), SuperC(NES)

  • Jake- Overwatch, Portal Knights Demo

  • P1 - Lost Odyssey (Xbox360), Bravely Second (3DS), Perfect Dick (Xbox360), Overwatch (XboxOne), Nier Automata (PS4)

Discush Talk to P1

  • How did CC Start?

  • Whose idea was it?

  • How/who decides the games?

  • What are some of the games already featured? What are some to come?

  • What are some things to look forward to in the club?

  • How does someone join the club?

Close it out

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