Episode 43: The E3 Hangover

Episode 43: The E3 Hangover

Now that the dust has settled from E3 2017, Jake and Trav cover their reactions to each conference and discuss some of their favorite moments from the week, favorite games, and more. Updates to the backlog are also covered and we check to see what is on the radar for future game releases. 

Episode 43

  • Greetings

  • Introduce hosts + factoid

  • Twitters

  • Recap any blog or video released since last episode

  • Recap recent Off-Killter (#6 Concerts)

  • Into the Combine - hardcore and heavy metal podcast

Recent pickups & On the Radar

  • Trav

    • Pickups

      • Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES)

    • Radar (June 20-July 3)




Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy



  • Jake

    • Pickups

      • Dying Light, Enhanced Edition $14.99 (waited long time to get)

    • Radar (June 6-June 19)








Previously on Pawlykeeeeel

Has Far Cry 5 gone too far? What’s up with Rabbids hanging out with Mario? Castlevania on Netflix sure looks awesome.  Jake and Trav tackle these topics before getting into their backlogs.  Jake finally beats a pair of games between long stints of Overwatch and Dragon Quest Builders.  Trav continues with the Witcher and Cartridge Club game of the month, Final Fantasy 2 on SNES.  Volume two of Polykill’s E3 preview covers Ubisoft, Nintendo, and Sony wishlists and predictions for the TAWPICHAAAHHFDISGGUTTCH!!!!!


Completed Games or Retired:

  • Trav: Kirby’s Adventures (NES), Donkey Kong (GB)

  • Jake: negative.

Added to Backlog:

  • Trav:  Walking Dead Season 3 (XB1)

  • Jake: Frying Shight


CowTech Ad:

This episode is sponsored by Cowden Technologies, LLC.  Cow-Tech focuses on product development in robotics, web apps, mobile apps, home automation, or some combination of the above.  To learn more or to start a conversation about your future product or idea, send an email to info@cowden.tech.  Also, everyone at Cow-Tech is better at video games than Travis.

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The Long Play:

Games that we are spending the most time with in our backlog.

  • Trav: Witcher Wild Hunt (XB1)

  • Jake: Horizon Zero Dawn


Games you don’t tell your long play about.

  • Trav: Super Metroid (SNES), Final Fant-assy 2 (NES), Donkey Kong (GB)

  • Jake: Super Metroid (SNES), Overwatch (reddit story), Injustice 2 Multiverse




  • EA

    • The Delivery

    • What we already knew about

      • Star Wars Battlefront II

      • Madden

      • FIFA

      • NBA Live

    • The Surprise games

      • Anthem

      • A Way Out

      • Need For Speed Payback

    • The Closer

      • Battlefront II Gameplay

    • Our predictions

      • Trav

        • Lots of Battlefront 2 (yes)

        • Sims5 tease (no)

        • Lots of “coming to switch” (no)

      • Jake

        • Battlefront 2 (yes)

        • Sports (yes)

        • More sports (more yes)

  • Bethesda

    • The Delivery

    • What we already knew about

      • Fallout 4 VR

      • Doom VFR

      • Skyrim Switch

      • Dishonored

    • The Surprise games

      • Evil Within 2

    • The Closer

      • Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

    • Our Predictions

      • Trav

        • VR Stuff (Doom, Fallout 4) (yes)

      • Jake

        • Prey (no)

        • Wolfenstein New Colossus (yes)

        • Elder Scrolls Legends (Yes)

        • Evil WIthin 2 (yes)

  • Ubisoft

    • The Delivery

    • What we already knew about

      • Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

      • Far Cry 5

      • AC Egypt

    • The Surprise games

      • The Crew 2

      • Skull&Bones

    • The Closer

      • Beyond Good & Evil 2

    • Our Predictions

      • Trav

        • AssCreed Egypt (yes)

        • Far Cry Montana (yes)

        • Mario/Rabbids (yes)

      • Jake

        • AC Egypt (yes)

        • Something new (yes)

  • Nintendo

    • The Delivery

    • What we already knew about

      • Mario Odyssey

      • Splatoon 2

    • The Surprise games

      • Metroid Prime 4

      • Metroid Samus’s Return

      • Kirby Switch

      • Yoshi Island Switch

      • Xenoblade Chronicles 2

      • Rocket League w/ Crossplay (holla at Diego)

    • The Closer

    • Our Predictions

      • Trav

        • Drop a fun nugget for next year (yes)

      • Jake

        • Just a lot of mario (no)

  • Microsoft

    • The Delivery

    • What we already knew about

      • Sea of Thieves

      • Crackdown 3

      • Shadow of War

      • Life is Strange Prequel

    • The Surprise games

      • Ori and the Will of the Wisps

      • Metro Exodus

      • Forza 7

      • OG Back Compat

    • The Closer

      • Anthem Gameplay

    • Our Predictions

      • Trav

        • Scorpio gets a name (yes)

      • Jake

        • Scorpio date (yes)

        • Price point (399-499) (yes)

  • Sony

    • The Delivery

    • What we already knew about

      • Uncharted Lost Legacy

      • Days Gone

      • Call of Duty WW2

      • God of War

      • Detroit

    • The Surprise games

      • Horizon Frozen Wilds expansion

      • Monster Hunter

      • Shadow of Colossus remake

    • The Closer

      • Spider-Man

    • Our Predictions

      • Trav

        • God of War (yes)

        • FF7 mentionless (yes)

        • Shenmue 3 no mention (yes)

        • Kojima present (no)

      • Jake

        • Detroit (yes)

        • No God of War (no)

        • Gio Corsi mentions Vita (no)

        • Price Cut for PS4 (no)

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