Episode 67: Leaky Horchacho

Episode 67: Leaky Horchacho

What is this made up word in the title? Is it made up? Trav thinks that it means something that it probably doesn't. I'm sorry if it's offensive. Anyway, Trav knocked out a slew (slough?) of games and Jake goes off on some E3 nonsense. 


Episode 67


  • Trav: Greetings

  • Jake: “If you’re new to the show…”

Recent pickups & On the Radar

Game Release Schedule 2018

  • Trav

    • Pickups - PrinterBoy console covers

    • Radar (May 21-June 3)

Detroit: Become Human

  • Jake

    • Pickups : Radar (May 21-June 3): Battle Chasers Nightwar

Detroid Become Yoomun



Previously on Pawlykeeeeel

Jake went stem to stern on the two masterpiece titles Last of Us and the brand new God of War. Trav satisfied a new year’s resolution by beating another fighting game in Injustice Gods Among Us. Jake put a little more time into Overwatch while Trav commits to playing Rime and gets a little further in Far Cry 5. The solo, narrative driven game experience and its future serve as the TAWPIC OF DISGUUUTTCCH.


Completed Games or Retired:


  • Trav: Shining Horse (gen), PaRappa the Fapper (psp), College Clam Slam (SNES), Off-Peak (pc)

  • Jake: Nada


#justbeatit  POLYKILLERS

Chris R. @bassguy654 beat Halo Combat Evolved and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, a game Chris thought would teach him how to get out of a jaywalking with the intent to harm citation.


Musty@mustyhobbit, whose hair is so sweet it gave his neck diabetes, beat Halo Combat Evolved and God of War


Cliff@CliffHikes beat Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and The Witness. Cliff literally beat the Witness within an inch of their life and dared them to go to the cops.


Frankie@vyprstryke beat Omensight and Light Fall. Light Fall is about the time Frankie tripped up some stairs and landed on his supple junk, preventing worse injury.


Church @the_gamegrinder beat God of War and FX Unit Yuki which is weird because I don’t think Church’s unit is yuki at all.


The rest are on a separate video found on our youtube channel, youtube.com/polykillpodcast


Restocking the Log

  • Trav: Shining Force II

  • Jake: nothing new.


CowTech Ad:

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Self Plug:


“If you like what you’re hearing so far…”

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The ForePlay

  • Trav: Bar Fly 5 (xb1), Rime (xb1), Valkyria Chronicles II (psp)

  • Jake: Whore’s Island: Zero Dong



SONY E3 plans

  • The Last of Us Part II

  • Spiderman

  • Death Stranding

  • Ghost of Tsushima

Matt Bandy:

Metal Music

Bill from STC POD

Boxers/briefs/thong/commando? Wax/shave/trim or natural?

Close it out

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