Episode 74: Beat and Switch

Episode 74: Beat and Switch

This time around Jake and Trav talk about their love of the Nintendo Switch. From the games that they want both released and yet to come, to the convenience and joy this little fun machine give them. Pickups, beats, and on the radar cover a wide array of games as there are plenty in each category this time! Also, Nintendo Switch! 

Episode 74


    • Short Pause Podcast #168 - shortpause.com

      • Ian Campbell - Designer at Drinkbox Studios of Gaucamelee fame

      • With Brent Felsing and Frankie Ailor

Recent pickups & On the Radar

Game Release Schedule 2018

  • Trav

    • Pickups: Breath of the Wild, more printer boy covers, Medievil 2

    • Radar (August 27 - September 9)

Spider-Man, Sep 7, PS4

  • Jake
    • Pickups : Sushi Striker: Way Of Sushido, Bomberman R, Hollow Knight, Crossing Souls, Axiom Verge Physical (ordered, not arrived)

    • Radar (August 27 - September 9)

Spiderman, 9/7, PS4

Previously on Pawlykeeeeel

Trav returns from Chicago and has plenty to catch up on with Jake, making for a beefy episode. Jake returns with a number of pickups and beats. He gets ahold of Octopath Traveler and Yakuza 6 while getting credits on Mario Tennis Aces and a slew of other arcade and Switch titles. Trav gets a Switch and goes wild, beating Blaster Master Zero and Sonic Mania Plus. Listener questions happen to revolve around sandwiches for some reason for the TAWPIC OF DSITTUCTTCHH!


Completed Games or Retired:

  • Trav: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (nes), Metal Slug X (ps1), Streets of Rage (gen), Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (switch)

  • Jake: Cruisin’ USA, Cruisin’ World, South, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

#justbeatit  POLYKILLERS

Chris R @bassguy654 who can’t get the crumbs out of his fleshlight, complete

Ninja Spirit (Tg16), JJ & Jeff (Tg16), Xexyz (nes), Wayne’s World (nes), Ufouria (nes), Super Mario World, and Elite Beat Agents.


The rest are on a separate video found on our youtube channel, youtube.com/polykillpodcast

Restocking the Log

  • Trav: Breath of the Wild, Streets of Rage 2

  • Jake: Swallow Knight, Crossing Streams

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Games of the Month: Super Mario World




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The ForePlay

  • Trav:  Streets of Rage 2, Detroit

  • Jake: Octopath Blues Traveler




  • Favorite games played/beaten so far

    • Trav

      • All of ‘em (Kamiko, Blaster Master Zero, Odyssey, Rabbids, Sonic Mania, Wonderboy)

    • Jake


  • Next 5 (that are out) you want

    • Trav

      • 1) Octopuss

      • 2) Ys VIII

      • 3) Bloodstained: Curse of the Poon

      • 4) Axiom Vag

      • 5) Mario Tennis Aces

    • Jake

      • 1) Bayonetta 2 (phys, no big if no dig)

      • 2) Sonic Mania+

      • 3) 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

      • 4) Flinthook

      • 5) Celeste

  • Next 3 (coming out)

    • Trav

      • 1) Mega Man 11 (10/2)

      • 2) Metroid 4 (tba)

      • 3) Bayonetta 3 (tba)

    • Jake

      • 1) Super Meat Boy Forever

      • 2) Fire Emblem Three Houses

      • 3) The Messenger

Close it out

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