Episode 75: Yeargasm 3: Through-Thinking Men

Episode 75: Yeargasm 3: Through-Thinking Men

Episode 75


Recent pickups & On the Radar

Game Release Schedule 2018

  • Trav

    • Pickups: Shantae Half-genie hero, Dead Cells, Holy Diver

    • Radar (September 10 - September 23)

Shadow of the TOmb Raider

  • Jake

    • Pickups : Spider-Man, Yakuza Kiwami 2, and a lot for Switch collection (pickup video incoming) The Count Lucanor Signature Edition, Oceanhorn (LR) Thimbleweed Park (LR), Shining Resonance Refrain Draconic Launch Edition Steelbook, Sonic Mania Plus

    • Radar (September 10 - September 23)

Shadow of The Tomb Raider




Previously on Pawlykeeeeel

Trav picks up Breath of the Wild and begins his never ending journey through the gloriously open land of Hyrule while Jake goes hard as a mother on the Switch by trying to collect them all. Trav finally gets through Double Dragon 2 and Streets of Rage with a little help and puts a bow on Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Jake Goes Cruis’n on the N64 and finishes the Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. The episode wraps up with a strong appreciation for the Nintendo Switch as the hosts discuss games they love and games they want next for the TAWPIC OFFF DDSISITTCCHHHCCH

Completed Games or Retired:

  • Trav: Jizzst (nes), Streets of Rage 2 (nes)

  • Jake: nada

#justbeatit  POLYKILLERS

@MustyHobbit finally finished  Final Fantasy 3/6, Detroit Become Human, and Duck Tales - a game about a duck whose entire tinder profile is a lie.

Myles&Kathryn@FlockofNerds finished Flower (ps4), Cursed Castilla Ex!, and King Oddball which was coincidentally also the mascot of Kathryn’s high school.  

Restocking the Log

  • Trav: Gargoyle’s Quest (gb), Dragon Warrior III (nes)

  • Jake: Super-Man,

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Games of the Month: Doom




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The ForePlay

  • Trav:  Detroit, Dragon Warrior III, Garg Quest, NCAA FB 2014

  • Jake: Yakuza Kiwami, Spider-Man, Dead Smells, 1-2 Switch


Close it out

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