Collect Call 2.1: Eric, Sega Master of Spreadsheets

Collect Call returns for a second season and Trav is back this time to interview Eric a.k.a. the MightyQDawg.  Eric and his wife have their own YouTube channel where they vlog about their movie watching and game playing habits.  Eric has amassed a collection of video games for various consoles but one in particular is close to his heart.  Listen as Eric details his journey toward completing the set that took most of his life to eventually accomplish.

Episode 43: The E3 Hangover

Now that the dust has settled from E3 2017, Jake and Trav cover their reactions to each conference and discuss some of their favorite moments from the week, favorite games, and more. Updates to the backlog are also covered and we check to see what is on the radar for future game releases. 

Episode 42: Gettin' Hype for E3 2017 Vol. 2

In the last episode before E3 descends upon the gaming world, Jake and Trav lay out their final predictions and wishlists for the Ubisoft, Nintendo, and Sony announcements. Jakes adds a ton of games to his collections and knocks some off of the backlog while Trav tries to find a way to live after finding Aisha Tyler is no longer part of E3! 

Episode 41: Gettin' Hype for E3 2017 Vol. 1

In the 41st episode of the show we learn what games have been completed and added to the backlog, hear what game Jake chooses as his first purchase in 6 months, and get reactions from the Destiny 2 reveal and more! The discussion starts turning the crank on the hype machine for this year's E3!

Episode 40: We're Ready Player One

In the 40th episode of the podcast, Jake and Trav welcome their first ever guest on the show, Sean (aka Player One) of the Cartridge Club! News in the gaming world is discussed, games that have made their way into and out of the backlog are covered and more! The genesis and details of the Cartridge Club are detailed in this episode's discussion!

Episode 39: Access Polywood

Why would Nintendo discontinue the NES Mini? Has Trav mastered the combat in The Witcher 3 yet, or is he still just hating Roach? After some updates on the backlog, the fellas pull back the curtain and discuss how and why they want to grow the podcast and solicit feedback! 

Episode 38: Musings on Multiplayer

The backlog updates are here again and games have both entered and exited Jake and Trav's backlogs including Persona 5 and The Witcher: Wild Hunt! This episode's discussion sees the hosts speak to what makes or breaks their multiplayer experiences! 

Episode 37: March Spring Cleaning Madness

The fellas are back after the Ides of March to assassinate some games from their backlogs.  They discuss the newly released Mass Effect Andromeda, the much loved Horizon Zero Dawn, the addictive Overwatch, and the underappreciated Rise of the Tomb Raider before the commencement of their spring cleaning tournament.  The finale has them pitting games in their backlogs against each other to determine what stays and what goes.

Episode 36: Off the Beaten Path

The 36th episode is here! Jake and Trav update you on their latest gaming updates, including what has made it into the backlog (Spoiler: Jake finally adds a game!) The discussion dives deeper and covers popular game franchises that they have never touched, and discuss why. 

Episode 35: Highway to the Comfort Zone

The fellas are back and update their gaming backlogs, gaming resolution for 2017, and to see if they have made progress! The discussion topic is stepping outside of their genre comfort zone, and what it would take for them to make the plunge. 

Episode 34: A Sense of Community

In this episode the fellas check in on their new years resolutions, games both on and under the radar, and discuss the games added and removed from their backlogs. The discussion seeks to define what constitutes a gaming community and points out some notable ones!

Off-Killter 1: Mostly Metal

Something brand new from the PolyKill hosts has arrived, Off-Killter! This is an unscripted and off-topic podcast from Jake and Trav that will be less about video games and more about other topics that they enjoy discussing! The first foray of this new series is about other primary interests and in the premiere episode, that happens to be the varying genres of rock and metal music!

Episode 32: Ten Games Tunes & a Microphone

With Travis basking in the afterglow of Magfest music is fresh on his mind so this episode's discussion is all about game music. Armed with 5 songs each Jake and Trav share some of the favorite game music, discuss the games that have made their way into and out of their backlog, and more!

Episode 31: Hindsight is 2016

2016 was the most interesting trip around the Sun that we have taken, and the same can be said for the gaming accomplishments of Jake and Trav! Listen along as they discuss the games they completed, added to their collections, and a variety of superlatives!