Episode 66: The Solo Experience

Everyone is talking about the single-player game and if it will survive against the battle royale, esports and the like. Jake and Trav think it has to as well. In the discussion they talk about what attracts them to the single player games that they love, some of their favorite stories from games, and more. Games were beaten and added to the backlog as usual, so that's neat too. 

Episode 64: Spring Cleaning 64

Well Jake's back, not like anyone really missed him. Anyway, this episode sees Trav and Jake eliminating a few games from their backlog: by completing them AND by bracket-style elimination. And there's a pretty wild Target story in there too. 

Episode 63: That Geddon Goodness

Well this is a first. Jake has to sit out this latest episode of the cast, and in his stead the usurper Brian (@hokiebriz). Trav and Briz talk about their backlogs and stuff; and they discuss one of their most sacred traditions, Video Geddon. Listen if you want to know what the heck that is. 

Episode 62: Virtual [Reality] Insanity

So, Brian finally makes his way onto the show and gabs along with Jake and Trav about the games they have all played. The discussion is led by the guest and it's all about Virtual Reality! The fact that this episode is coinciding with Ready Player One's theatrical release is completely coincidental. We're not that smart... 

Episode 61: The Cost of Free Games

Alright, so Jake and Trav are back with their next episode of this show, and they update you on the progress in their game-beating accomplishments. Jake waxes scholarly and drops figures and stats on the PS+ and Games With Gold titles and he and Trav discuss the ups and downs of "free" games. It's alright I guess.

Off-Killter 15: Dreams

What do dreams mean? Why would food chase you? Do you think that dreaming in black and white means anything? Well, one's thing is for sure, Trav and Jake don't know, but in this episode, they have fun trying to decode those elusive dreams. 

Episode 60: Lawyered Up

The 60th episode of Polykill sees Jake and Trav welcome long time listener Diego (@ALatinoLawyer) to the show to talk about all the games they beat or something. He's a cool guy, much cooler than the other two idjits on the shot. You should probably listen to this one. 

Episode 59: The 2018 Hot or Not List

So this time Jake and Travis talk about games that they beat (big surprise) and they added to their shame piles. Then they do this thing where they rate how excited they are for some of this year's big releases. They think that we care about that for some reason. Whatever, there's some good jokes. 

Off-Killter 14: Weird News

So since the guys at PolyKill have so much time on their hands they decided to look up old and irrelevant news stories that were weird and strange and stuff. Then they just talk about it on the air. Some of it is pretty strange though, probably worth a listen. 

Episode 58: MAGfest & 2018 Resolutions

After the long ass episode where Jake and Trav went through all of the best games they played in 2017, Polykill returns with something completely original. I'm kidding this isn't original at all. It's New Year's Resolutions, quaint. Anyway, listen to this thing because it ain't bad really. Also Trav gabs about Magfest.....nerd.

Episode 57: Hindsight is 2017

It's finally here: the year-end episode to end us all. Jake and Trav cover their favorite games played in 2017, some released this year, and others that they finally got around to playing. From platformers, to action, to adventure, listen for opinions and choices on what the standouts were this year. Listen and share! 

Off-Killter 13: Close Calls

Near misses and close calls are the topic of discussion on this off-topic show where Jake and Trav share listener stories and some of their own. Car crashes, failing brakes, armed assailants and more for one of the wildest episodes of the show yet! Buckle up! 

Episode 56: Modern RPG's

This time around on the podcast, Jake and Trav dive into some modern role-playing games that they have enjoyed, and have yet to play. As usual the fellas go over the games that they have added to and escorted from their backlogs. 

Episode 55: Polykill and Listen

This time around the podcast welcomes fellow gamer and podcaster, JD from Play And Listen! In typical PolyKill fashion all Jake, Trav, and JD go through the games they have cleared and added to their backlog. The notes are sabotaged to great heights, and the discussion centers around how JD came to start his very own show! 

Off-Killter 12: Pet Peeves

Fair warning, you may have some habits that Jake and Trav dislike, and they may go on and on about it in this episode. That's because this entire hour is devoted to pet peeves! From bad driving habits to the way people consume their food, let's have a gear-grinding good time! 

Episode 53: Chico and the Man

The fifty-third episode of the podcast is all about the classic sitcom Chico and the Man! Just kidding, the topic is sports games, and Jake and Trav try to explain why they no longer play them, and what it would take to play them again. Updates to the backlog are here as usual, and Jake finally nails down his long play. 

Off-Killter 11: Spooky Stories

It's that time of year when all the skeletons in the closet are now yard decorations. Jake and Trav are back, and this time with all sorts of spooky tales from listeners and their own personal experiences. Ghosts? Maybe. Vampires? Who can say. Sit down and strap in for this special Halloween episode!