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Episode 102: Check Yourself

Come sit on the front porch with Jake and Travis as they talk about what they have been playing, what they beat or added to their collection. More beat tweets and Polykillers get recognized, and the discussion gets a little introspective.

Episode 101: Full Moon Friday

On 101, Jake and Trav try to shake things up with the formatting and discuss some new games like Greedfall and Blasphemous, and some older games like Fighter's Destiny. The discussion, inspired by the full moon on Friday the 13th, is a selection of original creepypasta made for you by the hosts. Enjoy! 

Episode 100: Yeargasm IV

Wow, one hundred episodes of this nonsense. Even though we're in triple digits now, the formula remains the same. Jake and Trav list some of their pickups, what they've been playing, and what they've beaten. The discush this time around was crowdsourced so we get to hear from listeners about their favorite memories from the show. Seriously though, thanks for listening.

Episode 99: Bad at Good games

In the 99th episode, Jake and Trav discuss some of the games that they think they're good at, and some great games and genres that they know they just suck at. As always, pickups, beats, and more are sprinkled in along the way! 

Episode 98: The Pyramid Scheme

Two weeks have passed since Jake beat more games than Travis, and it looks like an 8-bit retro fire was kindled 'neath the haunches of Travis. More games were added to their collections and they wind up the episode with a pretty cool game designed by Briz. So, listen and share as usual, please.

Episode 97: The Dating Game

I guess they knew this would be a longer episode. Should be called "The Waiting Game" instead am I right? Anyway, I guess it's longer because they actually beat some games this time and had plenty to talk about. They also play that one game from that other episode where they both independently brought up Tonya Harding. Weird.

Episode 96: It's Just Dead and Wet

Welp, the Polykill boys are back from a trip to C3 and Too Many Games and discuss their pickups, hangouts, and what they are playing and trying beat. With a pile of beats under their belt and some listener questions, Jake and Trav wax verbose about their gaming life over the last two weeks. Check it, share it. 

Episode 95: ToeJam & Earl from Craigslist

Well, Jake and Trav had a lot of catching up to do since the last episode. Wild pickup stories, 5K magic tricks, collection updates, some E3 reactions, and more. A few games come in and out of the backlog of each host and it seems that Jake may never get his backlog sorted. 

Episode 94: Replay Value

You know the drill by now, yeah? Trav and Jake are back at it and have managed to lighten their backlogs a bit more since the last episode. The discussion turns to games that they would replay because they love them, and others that they would NEVER replay because they love them. 

Episode 93: Lycanthropic Moon Juice

Well, the boys are back with a slew (slough?) (slue?) of new games to talk about! They each manage to see some through to the credits as well as just play away on a bunch more. Rage 2, Days Gone, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and more see discussion time, and favorite video game vehicles closes out the show!

Episode 92: The First One Was Better

Location, Location, Location. This episode's discussion centers around some of the Trav and Jake's favorite gaming locations via a fun little guessing game. More games were conquered and jettisoned from the backlog and as always a few new ones trickle into the collection. 

Episode 91: State of the Log Address

After a visit from The Single Banana, Jake and Trav take a tour back through their backlogs and 2019 gaming resolutions and provide updates on where they stand with each. Jake is skulking through FarCry New Dawn, and Trav is just playing weird NES games.  Jake is making some small progress toward completing his 2019 resolutions, and Trav has already chipped a fair away a fair amount. 

Episode 90: 5 NES Games and a Single Banana

The loneliest number of everyone's favorite yellow fruit joins Jake and Travis on an adventure through their backlogs and favorite NES titles. They talk about some deep cuts and fan favorites on the most classicest of video game systems and manage to make a few jokes along the way. 

Episode 89: Franchise Madness

This is episode 89, and it's the one where Jake actually beats a game or two. There's a brand new Ground Game, and both Jake and Travis learn a lot about themselves when they must each eliminate a beloved game franchise from existence, for all eternity. (Just hypothetically, we don't have that kind of power.)

Episode 86: One-Flesh Spin Kick

Guess who's back from *clap *clap *clap *clap deep in the heart of Texas? You guessed it, Jake! After his absence for the past few episodes, he and Trav have some catching up to do. With a handful of games beaten, anecdotes, and plenty of options for an episode title, and a discush that is revived from Halloween, 86 is maybe the Polykillest Polykill episode ever. 

Episode 85: Winter Game Advisory

Jake is still hard at work at the top secret research facility in the big-hat state of Texas which means Briz is back once again! He carries on the traditions set forth by Jake and didn't beat any games while Trav knocked Golf Story and a few classics off the backlog. Listeners have a few questions for Briz before the two hosts get cozy and talk about a few games that freeze them to the core. It's a good time, check it out!

Episode 84: Briz & Diddles

Fresh off of being awarded 2018's Podcast of the Year, the show endures an immense shakeup as Jake steps away and Briz has to fill in. All the regular fare is here including some custom tunes by the greatest rap duo on either side of any river.

Episode 83: Laying Down the Log

2019 is here! Episode 83 sees Jake and Trav share their games beat, new resolutions for the new year, and some general tinkering with the format of the show! But were they able to complete their 2018 resolutions before the clock struck 12? Listen and find out! 

Episode 82: A Christmas Honker

In the final episode of the year, Jake and Travis breakdown their favorite gaming experiences of the year with a load of superlatives. There's even a recap of listener favorite moments from the 2018's Polykill episodes, so, thanks for those. Of course, it wouldn't be Polykill without pickups and beats too! Thanks for another great year of the podcast, and we'll see you in 2019!