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Collect Call 2.1: Eric, Sega Master of Spreadsheets

Collect Call returns for a second season and Trav is back this time to interview Eric a.k.a. the MightyQDawg.  Eric and his wife have their own YouTube channel where they vlog about their movie watching and game playing habits.  Eric has amassed a collection of video games for various consoles but one in particular is close to his heart.  Listen as Eric details his journey toward completing the set that took most of his life to eventually accomplish.

Collect Call 3: Josh the Philosoraptor

In this third episode of the special PolyKill series, Trav interviews Josh, a collector that enjoys finding and obtaining games that he enjoys playing. Listen as they discuss his unique take on accumulating titles from a variety of systems, big finds, unique and rare box art and pet peeves!