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Episode 47: Genre Dive: Shooters

The 47th episode of the podcast gets you caught up on the number of games that Jake and Travis have moved into or out of their backlogs. The Hot Jakes cover the three of the more intriguing news items in the gaming world, and first and third-person shooters are the topic of discush! 

Episode 37: March Spring Cleaning Madness

The fellas are back after the Ides of March to assassinate some games from their backlogs.  They discuss the newly released Mass Effect Andromeda, the much loved Horizon Zero Dawn, the addictive Overwatch, and the underappreciated Rise of the Tomb Raider before the commencement of their spring cleaning tournament.  The finale has them pitting games in their backlogs against each other to determine what stays and what goes.

Episode 36: Off the Beaten Path

The 36th episode is here! Jake and Trav update you on their latest gaming updates, including what has made it into the backlog (Spoiler: Jake finally adds a game!) The discussion dives deeper and covers popular game franchises that they have never touched, and discuss why.