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Episode 83: Laying Down the Log

2019 is here! Episode 83 sees Jake and Trav share their games beat, new resolutions for the new year, and some general tinkering with the format of the show! But were they able to complete their 2018 resolutions before the clock struck 12? Listen and find out! 

Episode 57: Hindsight is 2017

It's finally here: the year-end episode to end us all. Jake and Trav cover their favorite games played in 2017, some released this year, and others that they finally got around to playing. From platformers, to action, to adventure, listen for opinions and choices on what the standouts were this year. Listen and share! 

Episode 31: Hindsight is 2016

2016 was the most interesting trip around the Sun that we have taken, and the same can be said for the gaming accomplishments of Jake and Trav! Listen along as they discuss the games they completed, added to their collections, and a variety of superlatives!