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Episode 63: That Geddon Goodness

Well this is a first. Jake has to sit out this latest episode of the cast, and in his stead the usurper Brian (@hokiebriz). Trav and Briz talk about their backlogs and stuff; and they discuss one of their most sacred traditions, Video Geddon. Listen if you want to know what the heck that is. 

Off-Killter 15: Dreams

What do dreams mean? Why would food chase you? Do you think that dreaming in black and white means anything? Well, one's thing is for sure, Trav and Jake don't know, but in this episode, they have fun trying to decode those elusive dreams. 

Episode 59: The 2018 Hot or Not List

So this time Jake and Travis talk about games that they beat (big surprise) and they added to their shame piles. Then they do this thing where they rate how excited they are for some of this year's big releases. They think that we care about that for some reason. Whatever, there's some good jokes. 

Episode 32: Ten Games Tunes & a Microphone

With Travis basking in the afterglow of Magfest music is fresh on his mind so this episode's discussion is all about game music. Armed with 5 songs each Jake and Trav share some of the favorite game music, discuss the games that have made their way into and out of their backlog, and more!

Episode 29: Respected Development

It's time to say thanks to some of our favorite developers who get too little recognition! We list some of our favorite dev studios who aren't quite household names to the general public, but who deliver some great content! The standard segments are here as well, but have the table turned for completing games? Thanks for listening!

Episode 25: Yeargasm

This is the big anniversary special celebrating one year of the podcast. Jake and Travis get right to discussing the start of the show, check the release calendar, and remark on games that are coming and going in the backlog. The topic of discussion has the boys talk about their favorite moments in the show and checking in on games that have gone MIA!

Episode 22: Choose Your Own Adventure

In this episode, both Jake and Travis chisel away at their backlog and find a common genre among the games that they have played since the last episode! Inside, Life is Strange, Firewatch and more are discussed. For the discussion they weigh in on Kickstarter funded games and delivery!

Collect Call 3: Josh the Philosoraptor

In this third episode of the special PolyKill series, Trav interviews Josh, a collector that enjoys finding and obtaining games that he enjoys playing. Listen as they discuss his unique take on accumulating titles from a variety of systems, big finds, unique and rare box art and pet peeves!