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Episode 53: Chico and the Man

The fifty-third episode of the podcast is all about the classic sitcom Chico and the Man! Just kidding, the topic is sports games, and Jake and Trav try to explain why they no longer play them, and what it would take to play them again. Updates to the backlog are here as usual, and Jake finally nails down his long play. 

Episode 51: Snap Into a Sim, Jim

Do you like managing virtual worlds, or driving a truck across Europe? How about growing crops, or keeping dangerous inmates behind bars? Episode 51 discusses all the genre of simulation games, with Jake and Trav praising their favorites and what makes sim games just so darn fun. More games are knocked off and onto the backlog as Jake keeps buying games for the Switch.

Episode 28: Voices

Trav and Jake cover the games that are on their radar, and cover the games that have made into and out of the backlog. This week's discussion is about the voices that populate and breathe life into the games that we love including our favorite VO artists, characters that they embody, and more!

Collect Call 3: Josh the Philosoraptor

In this third episode of the special PolyKill series, Trav interviews Josh, a collector that enjoys finding and obtaining games that he enjoys playing. Listen as they discuss his unique take on accumulating titles from a variety of systems, big finds, unique and rare box art and pet peeves!