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TravPlaysGames: Beat Batman. Might have gone a little crazy. But beat Batman.

I had beaten Batman: The Video Game for NES and there was literally no one there to witness it except my cat. In the past I’ve written about my time with an obscure title like Palamedes, my triumph of Paperboy and Contra, acting like a child playing Duck Tales, and even my acquirement of the dreadful Action 52 – but here was a game I had beaten all alone – in the dark – like a bat. cough…

VR on the E3 stage

Although 2016 was billed as "the year of VR" due to the retail releases of the long-awaited Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality systems, many people still questioned whether VR was just a fad. After all, virtually every game or experience available for both systems are small projects from small independent developers that often feel more like tech demos than full games. Well, after E3, I think we can lay those fears to rest.