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Game Side Chats: Shining Soul (GBA)

Boy oh girl, do I love that SHINING series! I JUST spent a sizable load of my hard earned cash on a mere disc that convinces my GameCube to load an emulator that will play my Game Boy games on the console! I have been WANTING that disc for a couple of years now but the price was climbing HIGHER and HIGHER! No one wants to pay $70, $80, dare I say $NINETY for a single little disc that isn’t even a game. I had to finally grab it though and I needed a game to test it all out on so…

Games I'm embarrassed to have never beaten

People say life is short and I guess on a cosmic level that’s true but when people say it I briefly panic.  I think of all the things I intended to do with my life like visit Europe, write a manifesto, or lose enough weight so that my belly doesn’t jiggle uncontrollably when I brush my teeth.  There’s also video games I meant to play and big ones too.

TravPlaysGames: Beat Contra. Feel dirty. But beat Contra.

“WTF Dude, you’ve never beaten Contra before?”

“Well, no,” I said, feeling the need to defend myself but instead just letting it go.

“Why not? It’s not that hard.”

It’s not that hard,” I mocked sarcastically. “Yeah, it is. It’s tough. But to be honest, I’ve never really taken the time to sit down and try to seriously beat it. I’ve only just dabbled a few times.”

The 5 Stages of Grief - VR Edition

"It's as if millions of people cried out, and were suddenly silenced."

That was sound that occurred in the seconds between Oculus opening up pre-orders on the consumer version of the Rift, and people seeing the $600 price tag. The VR hype train derailed just as it hit maximum speed, and the number of butts that got hurt was too great to count (my own included).