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Game Side Chats: Shining Soul (GBA)

Boy oh girl, do I love that SHINING series! I JUST spent a sizable load of my hard earned cash on a mere disc that convinces my GameCube to load an emulator that will play my Game Boy games on the console! I have been WANTING that disc for a couple of years now but the price was climbing HIGHER and HIGHER! No one wants to pay $70, $80, dare I say $NINETY for a single little disc that isn’t even a game. I had to finally grab it though and I needed a game to test it all out on so…

Game Side Chats: Out Run (SMS)

I have been holding off playing my Sega Master System ever since I changed out my CRT’s for PVM’s because I needed to get RGB cables to hook the console up to those fresh, sexy professional video monitors. Unfortunately, for a few months, my RGB cable/amphetamine dealer did not have those particular cables in stock. But finally, after what seemed like YEARS, I went to check  and the Master System cables were in stock so I tossed those in my cart with some uppers to boot and was ready to get my party started. The cables arrived just yesterday and I needed a game to play and test the system out on so I could see just how sexily wonderful the PVM’s made the Master System look.

Game Side Chats: California Speed (N64)

A little too much caffeine today and a little too much N64 last night has me here typing about a game no one cares about before a few meetings at work. Let me tell you about California Speed, the N64 game. I don’t doubt that California Speed doubles as the name of a batch of fentanyl laced heroine but honestly it’s just a racing game for Nintendo’s most overlooked console. Just kidding, the WiiU exists.