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Trav's Pickups Vol. 5

Trav picks up some more games and vinyls. In this episode he even grabs a new console. It's been a while so this one is extra long. Be sure to check out some of the personalities mentioned in this video. All of these are a part of the cartridge club, mentioned in order.

Rusty Reviews Guerrilla War (NES)

Rusty shares the first game he ever did beat. Guerrilla War is all about shootin' dudes and riding in tanks. If you like a lot of boom booms, a forgiving continue system, and Che then this game is for you.


Rusty Reviews Urban Champion (NES)

There's nothing Rusty loves more than a good fight, whether he's watching one from a distance or in the middle of it himself. That's why Urban Champion really gets him excited. You gotta punch dudes into a manhole on the street, it's so urban, it's so champion. Check it out!


Moving on after the classics

Coming clean here: I am a poser.  I parade around like a big time gamer who grew up playing and beating tons of NES classic titles.  In reality though, it didn’t happen that way.  My folks got me a Nintendo when I was five years old in Christmas of 1990.  I had no idea what it was or what it did.  I didn’t even really like it.  I much preferred making car noises with my mouth and pushing Matchbox cars around on a rug.