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Game Side Chats: Out Run (SMS)

I have been holding off playing my Sega Master System ever since I changed out my CRT’s for PVM’s because I needed to get RGB cables to hook the console up to those fresh, sexy professional video monitors. Unfortunately, for a few months, my RGB cable/amphetamine dealer did not have those particular cables in stock. But finally, after what seemed like YEARS, I went to check  and the Master System cables were in stock so I tossed those in my cart with some uppers to boot and was ready to get my party started. The cables arrived just yesterday and I needed a game to play and test the system out on so I could see just how sexily wonderful the PVM’s made the Master System look.

Rusty Reviews Guerrilla War (NES)

Rusty shares the first game he ever did beat. Guerrilla War is all about shootin' dudes and riding in tanks. If you like a lot of boom booms, a forgiving continue system, and Che then this game is for you.


Rusty Returns: Rusty Reviews Beetlejuice

Rusty is back and he finds a game he doesn't particularly like... Beetlejuice for NES. It was programmed by Rare but still has that LJN sticker on it which explains a lot. Did the people who made it ever even see the stinking movie? Rusty doubts it.