Game Side Chats: Xena Warrior Princess: Talisman of Fate (N64)

I always thought this game was a weird tie-in to a TNT action drama that would be extremely under budgeted, janky as hell, and not really necessary. I wasn’t wrong, but I must say… it’s not that bad. My curiosity was piqued when scrolling through a list of N64 games, I saw this one listed under the fighting game genre. Fighting game? I didn’t know this was a fighting game. I had imagined an action-adventure Ocarina of Time wannabe where a polygonal Lucy Lawless runs around a forest stabbing rabbid goblins with her giant sword.

I also never actually watched the show.

Game Side Chats: California Speed (N64)

A little too much caffeine today and a little too much N64 last night has me here typing about a game no one cares about before a few meetings at work. Let me tell you about California Speed, the N64 game. I don’t doubt that California Speed doubles as the name of a batch of fentanyl laced heroine but honestly it’s just a racing game for Nintendo’s most overlooked console. Just kidding, the WiiU exists.

Trav's Pickups Vol. 5

Trav picks up some more games and vinyls. In this episode he even grabs a new console. It's been a while so this one is extra long. Be sure to check out some of the personalities mentioned in this video. All of these are a part of the cartridge club, mentioned in order.


Instead of playing a game like "what'd ya say?" and "the mouth game", (we're terrible at naming games) we instead try to just chat through these since there were so many! It sort of turns into a mini-podcast episode on its own.