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Polyblog: Revealing Secrets of the Empire

This Christmas, I finally got a chance to experience The Void's "hyper reality" attraction at Disney Springs in Orlando. Hyper reality is their term for how they match your physical surroundings to your virtual environment, allowing you to touch virtual objects like walls and benches. I had been dying to try this since I first heard of The Void, and the fact that they opened up shop at Disney a couple weeks before Christmas was perfect since my family was going there for the holidays. You might say it was... destiny (Snoke face). Read on to learn all about it!

VR on the E3 stage

Although 2016 was billed as "the year of VR" due to the retail releases of the long-awaited Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality systems, many people still questioned whether VR was just a fad. After all, virtually every game or experience available for both systems are small projects from small independent developers that often feel more like tech demos than full games. Well, after E3, I think we can lay those fears to rest.

The 5 Stages of Grief - VR Edition

"It's as if millions of people cried out, and were suddenly silenced."

That was sound that occurred in the seconds between Oculus opening up pre-orders on the consumer version of the Rift, and people seeing the $600 price tag. The VR hype train derailed just as it hit maximum speed, and the number of butts that got hurt was too great to count (my own included).